Gozo Sup Club

If you love Stand Up Paddleboarding or you want something new to enjoy your free time, join our Supping Club! Get a Fidelity Card with 120 euro! (If you have your own board is going to cost you 100 euro).
It consist in a Membership that will allow you to take part in 2 lessons and 4 guided tours.

Included with the Membership you will received also a Gozo SUP Experience hat, T-Shirt and Voucher discount of 50% (for yourself) to spend in 2018 in case you organize your friends guided tour.
You will be added to the Gozo Sup Club Facebook Group, where you will be update of all the events and activities of the Club.
Beginners and intermediate lessons will be run in according with your needs and (of course…) the weather conditions.
Come and try this new experience with our qualified instructors or if you call yourself a “Supper” let them take you to the next level!