About us


About us

GOZO FUN originates from an idea of group of friends who lead a life linked to the Sea and all her beauty. A life lived between beaches and sea in totally respect of the Nature. We believe elements of surfing have the potential to ground human beings in a uniquely meaningful way.

You will care about our planet, because you’ll understand it better. You will be happier: Sun is good, really good!
You will be healthier: your body will reap the benefits of active lifestyle. You will be more flexible.

You will learn the meaning of community.
You will become more patient.
You will gain a new appreciation for spirituality. You will make unlikely friends.
You will have fun.

Gozo comes from the Spanish word ” Gozar “, or ” Enjoy’ ‘ and at GOZOFUN, we want you to enjoy this wonderful Mediterranean Island through all our activities.

So shut this thing off and make the world a better place. Go surf!